If you’re looking for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being then floating is right for you. Our new Float Tank Centre in Cockburn offers the perfect way to restore, whether it’s simply some quiet time out, recover from physical training or return from an injury. The benefits are amazing!

A world class float tank and wellness centre for Cockburn

The best way to understand the benefits of floating is to experience them

“When faced with complete darkness, silence and weightlessness, my mind began to comfortably wander & jump from one random thought to another but I worried over nothing. For a while, the silence seemed overwhelming, then I started to hear my own breathing & heartbeat both of which seemed incredibly loud.

After a while I felt my muscles release tension as the state of relaxation became even deeper. I reached a point where I was as close to sleep as I can imagine without actually being asleep. The longer you’re in there, the more the isolation dominates & time seems like a lost concept. Give it a go and experience what floating can do for both your mind and your body.”

Jacqui Millier
“I experienced my first ever float in Jan this year and it was surprising & amazing!!! I was fidgety at first wondering if I’d be able to last the full hour. I turned the relaxing music off & then on, tried the different light shades and eventually settled for no lights or music, just silence.

It was then I finally surrendered to feeling totally suspended with just me and my thoughts. I had a neck fusion in Feb 2015 and a recent diagnosis of Spondylolisthesis in the lower spine but for this whole relaxing hour I was almost pain free, first time in a very long time. This also Improved my state of mind and clarity. I definitely recommend you give it a go.”

Karen Devine, Massage therapist
“I experience cluster migraines that make my jaw, neck and shoulders tense up. It’s almost impossible to relieve without drugs that cause sedation. With two small children, working as a teacher and not being able to predict when these migraines would hit, I was desperate.

The first time I did a float session, it helped relieve my tense jaw to the point that I actually couldn’t speak properly as I was so used to locking up my jaw. I had the best night sleep of my life and woke up with no tension in my neck and shoulders. The second time I was in the middle of a migraine and desperate to try anything to get rid of it. 15 minutes in and I could honestly feel the pain exiting my body and walked away feeling like I was still floating. I haven’t had a cluster migraine attack since then. It was like my body physically needed to be taught how to relax again and floating did just that!”

Sarah Tuckfield
“I have used floating for a couple of reasons. The first being to assist with my magnesium absorption after big weekends competing in CrossFit or Weightlifting Competitions. The results are immense and my recovery goes through the roof with regards to me returning to training quickly the following week.

My second reason for floating is the calming, almost meditative state of the experience. It is a great way to spend some time alone and un-wind in our hectic lifestyles. I have quite regularly found myself enjoying a restive, zen-like state after a float. I have tried to achieve this state through yoga, led meditation & never been successful. With floating however, I find it an easy piece of mind to achieve.”

Jacq Lawson, Crossfit Coach
I had the most wonderful float yesterday and I would highly recommend this very therapeutic Life Spring Centre to all. Andrew & Narelle have thought of everything you require to completely relax and enjoy time to oneself. In this crazy time poor world that we live in we need to take time out for some quality me time! My float was a gift from a gorgeous family member and I look forward to returning very soon. I would also like to mention that this Centre is very affordable and great value for money.
Debbie Young

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