Information taken from their web site, a bit of background…

ELF emmit is a digital metronome which you control, choosing your preferred state of mind AND BODY by allowing the device to suggest how your mind should behave and the rhythm at which it operates.

Elf emmit is a personal assistant which coaxes our minds and bodies to work as we would like them to.

Our state of mind depends on human emotions, such as anger, happiness, fear, love and sadness. Our brains and bodies run at different frequency speeds, depending on what we are doing:

√ While we sleep, the frequency is low, as it is when we are relaxed.
√ When concentrating, or when prepping for study or creative thinking, the frequency is higher

Problems arise when your brain frequency is not aligned with what you’re trying to do or to achieve. ELF emmit offers a digital alternative.

Now you can rewire your mind to connect your body to your preferred mental state. ELF emmit is a digital metronome that you control. The device suggests how your mind and body should act at optimum levels, as well as the rhythm at which they operate in tandem.

ELF emmit helps you to:

√ Calm down and drift into a deep sleep.
√ Learn and concentrate, even when feeling stressed.
√ Improve the quality of your sleep.
√ Stay awake when feeling tired.
√ Relax after a hard day.


So, bascially its a headset that you plug into your phone, set your mood and wear for an hour every day.  They say it takes 14 days till you notice so last night i started.  I chose the better sleep as i struggle with sleep.   I dont know if it was the placebo affect or what but within 10  minutes of finishing my first session (watching tv) i was out cold asleep and slept till 12pm unbroken.

I had a great night sleep apart from some stomach issues (which is an ongoing issue of mine) but Im either plum tuckered or this thing works.  too early to call.


Stay tuned as i road test this device for 14 days till we make it available in our lounge room for clients to try also!


Narelle 🙂 and her mind being altered………..