COVID-19: Cleanliness & Managing Immune System Stress

We want to say a little something to acknowledge the threat of COVID-19 in our community. We will continue to offer you a sanctuary to rest and reset, but we also want to make sure [...]

Float Therapy Mitigates Arthritis

I have shared this article from our friends at www.myfloatzone.com (thankyou!) Arthritis comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether felt in a big toe, shoulder, low back or all over, it can affect your activities, [...]

Five ways that Floating can help with Multiple Sclerosis MS

Five Ways that Floatation Therapy helps Multiple Sclerosis Floating helps with MS in many ways Multiple Sclerosis ("MS") is a progressive disease of the central nervous system, affecting and distorting signals to and [...]

Float away your stress! They were a New Age craze — but today’s flotation tanks are being hailed as the ultimate digital detox

A great article written by Anna Maxted as she shares how she felt when she tried Floatation therapy in London. For a moment, I feel like an astronaut, tumbling through outer space. It’s warm and dark, [...]

When a scuba diver goes floating….

It was a cold evening and no good for diving so I thought I would try something new. A good friend of mine at The Life Spring Float Tank Centre, in Cockburn suggested I come and try [...]

Road testing the Mood altering headset device. This should be interesting…….

Information taken from their web site, a bit of background... https://www.elfemmit.com/ ELF emmit is a digital metronome which you control, choosing your preferred state of mind AND BODY by allowing the device to suggest how [...]

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