Float away your stress! Today’s flotation tanks are being hailed as the ultimate digital detox

August 21, 2018
Float Tank news and insights

A great article written by Anna Maxted as she shares how she felt when she tried Floatation therapy in London.

For a moment, I feel like an astronaut, tumbling through outer space. It’s warm and dark, and I’m floating weightless, adrift in the universe. The image in my head, as I swirl in the black nothingness, is of Sandra Bullock in the film Gravity, turning head over heels, through infinity.

Actually, I’m buoyed up in a tiny shallow pool of very salty water at Floatworks in South London.

Developed in the Fifties by a neuroscientist to investigate how sensory deprivation affects consciousness, the flotation tank has been a niche trend among New-Agers for decades. Now, however, it’s been updated for the 21st century, with an A-list following that includes Elle Macpherson, and actress Naomie Harris.

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